Andia Mehr Parsian Company is a provider of various commercial services,including clearance of goods,

export and import from reputable foreign companies and international transportation.

The main goal of this company is to expand trade and the growing progress of all Iranians in the field of economy and trade.

Centralized management, specialized and experienced personnel, strong communications,

intelligence capability using the latest current trade and customs rules and regulations and in parallel Utilizing experts in the banking industry,

insurance, transportation and commercial law, has enabled the company to perform any business operations well and in the shortest time.

(Import and export, clearance and consulting) To cover.

One of the strengths of this collection is the gathering of highly experienced people in all fields of foreign trade.

Foreign trade is a chain with a large number of links that the efforts of this group have been able to make it one of the exclusive businesses.

It has been able to keep all the circles of foreign trade together and unbroken.

Variety of services is a unique feature of this collection,

That is, from the beginning to the end of the foreign trade route (export or import) is with its customers.

Other secrets of success of Andia Mehr Parsian Company are speed,

accuracy and honesty in all executive operations and also providing

the most appropriate solutions for Protecting the economic interests of the customers we have been proud to work with.


“Our strategy is market internationalization, business diversification,

development and industrialization of foreign trade.” To achieve this goal, we have learned to use new and completely up-to-date international methods.

Target :

Our goal is to serve our dear traders, manufacturers, importers and exporters,

For the development of international trade and industry,

Iran is dear and as a result, our ultimate goal;

Pride and progress of our dear homeland

, Great Iran

is .